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COVID-19: Mental health and wellbeing

COVID-19: Mental health and wellbeing

Dear mind

Mental health and wellbeing campaign

Taking some ‘me time’ is important. And it also helps strengthen your mental wellbeing. Your mental wellbeing is the unique way you handle your emotions, respond to stress and also your general outlook on life. 

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Toolkit for a healthy headspace

Just for young people

The healthy headspace action plan has everyday tools that you can use to build and maintain a healthy headspace, and live your life in a positive and meaningful way. It also supports you to bounce back when times get tough.

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#InThisTogether campaign

National Mental Health Commission

Together with mental health organisations, experts and leaders, the NMHC campaign is a national conversation sharing practical tips online to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians during COVID-19.

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Children and young people

Wellbeing tools to cope during COVID-19

Children and young people cope better if they are provided with accurate, age-appropriate information, along with opportunities to talk and discuss what is happening.

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Top 20 activities

Keeping mentally healthy & well at home

Twenty activities to keep you mentally healthy and well at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. They all promise mental stimulation, engagement, learning, fun and entertainment. 

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10-minute guided meditation

Black Dog Institute

This video resource will help you unwind and relax, by mentally scanning your body, heightening your awareness and focusing your mind. Create a routine of practice everyday for optimal results.

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Have you WoW-ed yet?

Build your resilience, boost your mood

A weekly Wheel of Wellbeing update explores resilience and shares ideas, actions and activities designed to keep us happy and well during these difficult times. 

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Strong spirit, safe mob

Keep your spirit strong

Tips and resources that draw on the strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to keep connection to spirit and culture strong, and keep family and community safe during COVID-19.

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Healthy, social humans

Beating loneliness with social connection

It’s important we focus on keeping up social connections while physically distancing - it’s perhaps our greatest resource and underpins social capital, social cohesion, good health, great neighbourhoods and happy humans.

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Bite Back

Wellbeing & resilience for young people

Bite Back is an online positive psychology program from the Black Dog Institute aimed at improving the mental wellbeing and resilience of young Australians between 13 and 16 years old.

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Working from home

Tips for your mental health

Dr Jill Newby, Associate Professor of Psychology at UNSW and based at the Black Dog Institute, shares practical ways for workplaces to cope with COVID19 related anxiety.

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Mental health resources

For teachers, parents & young people

A range of free educational resources for teachers, young people and parents. The school resources are evidence-based, to build mental health and wellbeing education.

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Head to Health

COVID-19 support

Trusted information and digital supports to help support everyone's mental health and wellbeing during this pandemic. This includes tips for maintaining good mental health, and how to access mental health services.

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Thriving during uncertainty

Tips and strategies video

Clinical psychologist Dr Kylie Henderson provides tips and strategies for dealing with uncertainty, managing stress and anxiety, taking care of ourselves and helpful thinking.

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Tips for mental health & wellbeing

During the COVID-19 pandemic

It's natural for most people will feel some distress during a crisis like this. Everyone can take some action to protect and maintain emotional and physical wellbeing. Acting early reduces the likelihood of ongoing mental health or physical health issues.

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How to stay connected

When you're in lockdown

Positive social support can improve our capacity to cope with stress. Social distancing results in fewer face-to-face social interactions, potentially increasing risk of loneliness.

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Social media positives

Entertaining games bringing us together

The Guardian reveals some of the ways social media is bringing us together during the pandemic, from a film club on Twitter to Spotify playlists and covers concerts. 

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Take time for mental health

A message from our Commissioner

It's important to take time for your mental health and ask for support when you need it. No one is invulnerable to experiencing mental ill-health.

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Practical tips to stay mentally well 

The #GetthingThroughThisTogether campaign shares practical tips to support the mentalhealth and wellbeing of Australians as COVID-19 continues.

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